Our desire is to help meet the relational, spiritual and practical needs of our church with strong marriages.


If you are a regular attender of River Valley Church, we offer a premarital class and recommend it to any couple engaged to be married. We require completion of this class for any couple desiring to be married at a River Valley campus or by any member of our pastoral team. It is also required that couples are not living together and are abstaining from physical intimacy. The fee for our premarital class is $30/couple. Completion of the class qualifies participants for a discounted marriage license fee with the State of Minnesota.

Our Premarital class is a six-week class conducted on a day, time and location that is compatible with both the engaged couple and the mentor couple’s schedule. Once you click your campus link below, you will receive an email that will explain the premarital process and will have the opportunity to pay the $30 premarital preparation fee online. You will then be contacted by a mentor couple to set up a time to begin meeting together.

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For more information about the premarital process, contact  For information about planning a wedding at River Valley Church, or to request a marriage officiate, click here.


Take a night away from home and make your marriage a priority. Marriage Night is a free of charge, casual time of fellowship and learning about how to build a better marriage. Childcare is not provided, so we encourage parents to make it a date night following the event, which runs from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., and hire a sitter! To see when the next Marriage Night is, please visit the events page.


If you are a married couple who wants to enrich your marriage or may be in a challenging place in your relationship and both of you are ready to see that change, we have trained mentor couples who deeply care about seeing your marriage be all that God intended it to be. Think of marriage mentoring in the same way you would if you were to enlist the help of a personal trainer, a car mechanic, a doctor, a dentist, or financial planner. In each of these areas, we enlist their help to improve our life in a specific way.

To begin the process of improving and enhancing your marriage you can sign-up for marriage mentoring by completing the contact form below.


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