Invest in your marriage through these three marriage rhythms:


Daily Connect Time – Connecting with your spouse 20-30 minutes each day through meaningful conversation will strengthen the bond of connection you share together. While connecting, make sure to avoid distractions like cell phones and TV. Praying together 2-3 minutes each day will have a powerful impact on your marriage relationship.

Weekly Date Night – Prioritizing a weekly date night with your spouse will show how you value your marriage relationship and speak volumes to your children. Make sure to add your date night to your calendar, just like you would with any other appointment. Add interest by taking turns planning your weekly date night. If you have small children, get creative with childcare options. Do you know of another family where you could trade childcare every other week?

Yearly Getaway – A yearly getaway is a great way to invest in your marriage. This will take some planning in your budget but will be well worth the sacrifice and investment. Plan to bring your Vision for Your Marriage Guidebook on your yearly getaway. Most of all, have fun together!

Marriage Mentoring

If you are a married couple who wants to enrich your marriage or may be in a challenging place in your relationship and both of you are ready to see that change, we have trained mentor couples who deeply care about seeing your marriage be all that God intended it to be. Find your Marriage Mentors by filling out the "Marriage Mentoring Form" below.

If you are a married couple who has a good, strong marriage and would like to help other couples in their marriage, please consider becoming a Marriage Mentor at River Valley Church. We offer marriage mentor training four times a year. To be added to the list of couples desiring to go through marriage mentor training, fill out the "Marriage Mentoring Form" below.


Vision For Your Marriage Guidebook

God is honored by a marriage centered on His purpose and plans. Download this free Guidebook, plan a vision retreat, and see what God has for you in this next season of your marriage!


Pre-Marriage Counseling

We recommend a premarital class to every engaged couple and offer it to all church attendees! The engaged couple will meet one day a week with a marriage mentor couple for six weeks. The fee is $30/couple.


RightNow Media is an online video library with more than 10,000 Bible-based resources from great leaders, teachers, and pastors—and it’s free for River Valley attenders! Find marriage-focused studies and teachings by signing up for a free account below.

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