Being the Church in a Crisis

Our world is in a confusing time right now. The COVID-19 virus has been unexpected, and while we don’t know exactly what will happen, and we want to live in wisdom as we navigate this pandemic, it’s important that as followers of Jesus Christ we remember something important: we don’t need to live in fear.

Jesus has invited us into a completely different way of living, one that doesn’t live in fear of dying, but holds onto the hope we have that Jesus has conquered death on our behalf. We should always live in wisdom, but know that our security is in a “kingdom that is not of this world,” as Jesus described it. 

As we navigate this as a country, it’s so important that we remember that as the Church we are first and foremost a part of the kingdom of God, and that our job is to show that kingdom to those around us. Here are some practical ways that we can do this during this crisis:


Love Your Neighbor

There’s no better time for this than now. We can be the love and encouragement that our neighbors need during this time. Bring them groceries, encourage them, or just ask them if there’s anything that they need right now.


Don’t Mock People With Different Views

One of the most beautiful things about the family of God is that we don’t have to all agree on everything to live in community with one another. Everyone is reacting to this virus differently, and we should be the most understanding people in the world.


Be Patient With Those Who Fear

People are afraid right now, and many for very good reasons. We shouldn’t judge anyone, but rather we should be patient and kind with everyone.


Be Kind & Generous

This is an amazing opportunity to “be generous on every occasion” (1 Corinthians 9:11 NIV). Not only can we continue to be faithful in the way that we tithe to our local church, but we also have new opportunities to give to others.


Protect the Elderly & Vulnerable

This virus is most dangerous to the elderly as well as those with weak immune systems, and it’s important that we’re very mindful of this during this time. You may not be one of the most vulnerable, but one of the best ways we can protect people is by exercising wisdom with regard to those who are the most vulnerable.


Live With The Hope We Have In Christ

We don’t have to be afraid, and we can also help others not feel so afraid by living with the hope we’ve found in Jesus, continually mindful of the fact that we don’t have to fear because He truly is with us.


Use Unique Opportunities to Proclaim the Good News of Jesus

Let others know why you have so much hope! What a perfect opportunity to not only live differently, but to proclaim that Jesus has saved us by defeating death through the cross and resurrection. 


If there’s anything you need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to be here to help! Visit to contact us.

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