Go Kids exists to team up with parents to lead children into an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.



Go Kids SOAP

Go Kids SOAP was created as a discipleship tool. It is a practical way to encourage your kids to develop healthy times with God. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Visit the Go Kids SOAP website for today's reading plan.

Family Adventure Guides

Parent of an elementary child? Your elementary-aged children receive a Family Adventure Guide at our kids Go Port area during weekend services. These guides include activities and questions to spark conversation and devotional time. Download current and archived Family Adventure Guides below!


Tom E Squirrel

Tom E. Squirrel is the head adventurer in the Go Kids Gang and spends most of his time journeying through Skyland in his many adventurous quests! The only thing he loves more than a good adventure is spending time with Jesus.

Robby Parrot

Robby Parrot is an adventurer who loves to investigate and create gadgets. The Rainforest is where you’ll find him. He is super smart and knows that his wisdom and understanding comes straight from Jesus.

Maggie Magpie

Maggie Magpie is a master detective who can solve almost anything, especially with Jesus’ help. Her street smarts and high-class attitude make the Metro District her natural habitat. She’s inquisitive with an old-fashioned charm.

Carlos Hedgehog

Able to pilot or command any vessel, Carlos Hedgehog is commissioned to the high seas of Oceana where adventure awaits him at every turn. Carlos uses his humor and confidence to navigate and discover hidden truths found in God’s word.

Randall Raccoon

Randall Raccoon is known in the Go Kids Universe as somewhat of a troublemaker. Although he is still looking to find Jesus, Randall does have a soft spot hidden inside. Known for his curiosity and shifty personality, you’ll find Randall in The Badlands.

Adi Mole

Adi Mole is the voice of reason amongst the other Go Kids crew. You’ll find Adi spending most of his time in The Undergrounds. His faith in Jesus is high and his understanding of God’s Word pierces through the darkness.

Bible App for Kids

Parent of a child aged 3 to 5? Centered around the Bible App for Kids, ­­­Go Kids in Flight Lab learn about Jesus through colorful illustrations, interactive animations, and activities to help them remember what they learn. Download the app or stream the lessons online to bring the Go Kids weekend experience into your home!

Flight Academy School Assemblies

Using creative and interactive teaching methods, Flight Academy School Assemblies teach kids what it takes to be a P.I.L.O.T.