Reaching the entire world with the Good News of Jesus Christ is a big task but it’s what Jesus asked all his followers to do.

This mission is our Global Project.

At River Valley Church, Global Project is what we call our global missions efforts and through Global Project we all have the opportunity to participate in this great mission that Jesus Christ asked us to be a part of.

Global Teams

Every month, teams of volunteers from River Valley Church travel around the world to help meet physical and spiritual needs and share the love of Jesus Christ. It is our goal that every person in our church goes on a Global Team with in 4 years of coming to River Valley Church. Global Teams can cost as little as $400 for a weekend team or as as much as $4000 for a longer 10-12 day team but no matter how long or how much, going is always worth the investment

Missionaries and Organizations

River Valley currently supports more than 200 missionaries and organizations serving around the world but has a vision of sending 500 of our very own globally for at least one year and pray about a lifetime.


Across our campuses, we have several Global Talk and Global Journey LifeGroups for those that wanting to hear more about global missions or even be a part of a community or people on the journey to potentially becoming missionaries themselves.

Missionary Action Plan (MAP)

With a vision of sending 500 of our very own globally for at least one year and pray about a lifetime, we have developed a Missionary Action Plan (MAP) to help those interested figure out if they are one of the 500.

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It is our vision for every person in our church to go on a Global Team.

Global Stories



Justin Mack
Global Project Pastor

Rachel Schumacher
Global Teams Manager

Vicki Hernandez
Global Teams Coordinator and Missionary Action Plan (MAP)

Jeanne Ritzman
Missionary Coordinator and Support
General Global Project Information