Flight Academy School Assemblies

Using creative and interactive teaching methods, Flight Academy School Assemblies teach kids what it takes to be a P.I.L.O.T.

Open to Learning

With common language that each local elementary school districts use, the goal of Flight Academy is to inspire students in a way that is in sync with school themes and rules. Our highly skilled presenters are fun and energetic, engaging the audience with stage activities and student participation while teaching positive character development.

With a crew of Flight Instructors, PILOTs, costumed characters, and more, Flight Academy is a great time that will leave both teachers and students alike inspired and encouraged.


Julie Dahl – Teacher

“The flight school assembly was by far the most organized and engaging assembly our school has ever had! It truly was the best assembly I have ever had in my 25 years of teaching!”


Cory Jewison – Teacher
“The kids were SO engaged! My kids had so much fun!!”


Dr. Gary Anger – Shakopee Schools Superintendent

“The best testament to the positive impact of the Flight Academy School Assembly is how much our students enjoyed the experience.”


Mitch Perrine – Elementary Principal

“The Flight Academy School Assembly was a very engaging assembly for our students with a solid message of being respectful to each other.  It was a great addition to our Friendship Week activities.”