The Identity of a Generation

Today, churches and young people are not often part of the same conversations. 

Across the globe, the expectation of young adults seems to be similar. Young people who are “identifying with culture,” whatever that means, and taking steps into their new-found freedom find themselves further and further from the things of God. It’s a time in life where consequences seem less severe and the future seems to be on hold. 

Across Europe, where Christian roots run deep, we are seeing more and more young people preach acceptance over faith and spirituality over being spirit-filled… an attitude that seems to be migrating west. As culture has taken over the worldview of many of our up-and-coming leaders, it can feel like we are losing the battle.

However, something different seems to be happening here. At River Valley, we have seen thousands of young adults gather and worship and hundreds find Christ as their Savior. We are seeing a record number of young people find community in Lifegroups, serve through Lifeteams, and lead at our church. 

I don’t believe we are seeing this growth because of a great system or exciting events. I think we are seeing the growth because our young adults have accepted their calling. When your life has been changed, you have to share it. I pray that we will see growth far greater than this all across our globe.

What excites me the most is that all of this is bringing glory to God.

When the world tells us to lift our own name high, I see a generation focused on lifting high the name of Jesus

I see a generation that recognizes that fulfillment doesn’t come in people or parties. I see eyes of young people who desire to be known for who God created them to be rather than who the world says they are supposed to be. I hear the voices of young people telling their neighbors and friends about true identity; and I see the fruit of a generation that truly believes God when He says that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20)

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