The Good News

What is good news?

We certainly all know what bad news sounds like. The recent headlines of mass shootings, political scandals, and neighborhood violence leaves us with a dreaded feeling of what might be next.

In the midst of it all, we realize news is not just a rote retelling of events. That is how we like to think of news, but rarely is news just news. Every news report has a message. The reports of what happened, both the good news and the bad, communicate something more than just the facts. News carries a message. News tells a story—a selective, artistic, creative, strategic stitching together of characters, themes, plot, and tensions.

Which brings us to the Gospel. The Gospel is not just a dry reporting of world-altering events. It is not just facts about Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is a story—a selective, artistic, creative, strategic stitching together of characters, themes, plot, and tensions.

When we understand the Gospel as story, we realize the absurdness of reducing Christianity to a series of propositional statements. The grand Story of Jesus is so much more than that.

The gospel is news we want to hear. As we are inundated with news about how our world is unraveling at the seams, we search for stories that give us hope, stories that offer a glimpse of a world restored in love and peace.

The Gospel tells that kind of story. A story where violence, destruction, and despair appear to win, but then the tables turn. In other words, good news reminds us the despair we face and see in this world does not have to be the whole story.

Good news gives us hope that the story is not over.

That’s the defining marker of the Gospel. Yes, we are saved by grace. Yes, we are justified before a Holy God by the death of Christ. But let’s not forget that that is just the beginning.

Very seldom do we hear the whole story. Any news report or newspaper article exposes just a glimpse of all that is going on. Just one perspective. Interestingly, I find it no coincidence that the Story of Jesus is told to us not just once, but four times. Four different stories. Four different perspectives. I think that is God’s way of giving us as much of the good news as possible.

Because ultimately good news should not be told just once. It needs to be told again and again and again. That’s where you and I come in. We are called to share the good news in all we say and do. And by doing so, we invite the world to hear a different story…a story that says the best is yet to come.

That’s great news!

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