Stop and Smell The Roses

Driving down a state highway at 55 miles an hour, it becomes painstakingly predictable what you will see next.  Subdivision, cornfield, farmhouse, cornfield, roundabout, cornfield, cornfield, additional farmhouses and cornfield. Did I mention that there were several miles of cornfields between my house and work?

I have always fancied myself observant. I can remember events and moments with astounding detail, but then I began riding my bike to work, and the previously unnoticed details of my commute were astounding.

The air was so clean; the corn, a deep summer green, and the dirt, a rich onyx black.  The layout of the fields formed an intriguingly never-ending symmetry. The sun was shining and warm on my shoulders. I was suddenly engulfed by a rich fragrance…that instantaneously set off an allergic reaction.

My dream-like utopia was shattered by the reality of hay fever. I began to sneeze uncontrollably and had to stop pedaling.  When I looked up, I noticed a flower garden in full bloom. I had caught an occasional glimpse of the garden on my daily journeys, but at this moment its beauty overtook me.

I don’t know how long I stood there taking in the vibrant diversity, several minutes maybe, but while I stood my mind was drawn to Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

My bike ride had slowed me down, while the flowers caused me to stop. It was only then that I was able to fully appreciate my surroundings. In slowing down, I found myself being still.  The reality of the flowers had been there for days, possibly weeks, but I had to stop to fully realize their beauty.

Are we so busy that we can’t take time to be still to hear the “still small voice of God?”

If I had never stopped, I would never have engaged them.  When I busy myself with the cares of the day, I cannot engage Him. As I considered the diversity of the blooms the creativity of our Creator was at that moment overwhelming.  I stood there contemplating the attributes of God, all because of a garden.

Indeed by stopping and knowing, I was engaging the great  “I Am.” He is the God of the universe, but He cares for people like you and me. It took a bike ride, an allergy attack, and a flower garden to remind me of that great truth.

Stop and smell the roses, their fragrance could change your life.

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