Rock Bottom Is Inevitable

Rock-bottom is a scary place to be.

It’s a place that we pray we never find and yet is the most frequented place that humanity visits. No one wants to be the guy that hits rock-bottom. That guy is a loser, a washed-up has-been, and the epitome of “how not to do it.” We spend our lives carefully constructing emotional scaffolding that will supposedly ensure that we don’t get to this place, but it’s inevitable.

The question isn’t if we’re going to hit rock-bottom, the question is when. We will all get there, and when we do, it’s not the rock that hurts, it’s what happens to our hearts and minds that brings the pain. Emotionally, the sense of failure is so crippling that it makes it infinitely easier to stay down than to rise up for another attempt. Spiritually, we feel as though we have disappointed God, and the pain of potentially doing it again isn’t something we’re willing to risk.

So we stay down until rock-bottom becomes our home…that is, until God’s grace trumps the convenience of our self-pity.

It’s His grace that gives you the ability to get back up when everything (and everyone) else tells you that it’s okay to stay down. It’s at this stage that it’s important to lead your life from a place of conviction and not emotion as emotion will skew your reality, but conviction will anchor you in it. It’s from this place of conviction that you absolutely must establish three things:

1. Establish your Sonship or Daughtership.
Remember that you are God’s child above all else and be completely content with that fact. Know that God isn’t impressed with your performance, He is impressed by your ability to surrender to His process and trust Him. If all else fails, you still have victory as one of His kids, and that alone will lift you out of your struggle.

2. Establish your Servanthood.
Decide that serving God will be enough even if you rise or fall. Your service to God cannot be contingent upon your rock-bottom; your service to God is in spite of your rock-bottom. Your consistency in serving will break whatever put you on that hard, rocky ground in the first place.

3. Establish your Sphere of Influence.
Recognize who is watching, listening, and emulating you. People don’t watch your faith when you fly as much as they do when you fall. They are questioning if your faith is real, and if so, is it strong enough to endure rock-bottom. How you walk through this season of your life will either make or break your influence. Walk wisely.

Keep in mind that none of this can work without a more consistent devotional life that’s deeper than anything you have ever experienced before. You must dig deeper and go further to gain the most valuable gifts of God. The process can be difficult and rock bottom hurts, but the strength and victory that comes as a result of wise perseverance will set you up for the strongest season of your life.

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