As Minnesotans, we anticipate Spring for six months straight and break out the shorts and t-shirts any time it gets above 45 degrees. We’re used to a snow storm here and there in late spring, but the 12-18 inches of snow in mid-April we are currently experiencing? It’s unexpected. But we know what we signed up for living in a state where April 15th means nothing to the weather.

After canceling all weekend services and activities, we wanted to make sure you still have plenty of ideas for making the most out of this #RiverValleySnowDay.

  • You can still watch church online! At 9:30 and 11:00am, we will be live-streaming our weekend message from Pastor Rob: Step Into the Yes. We’ll even have a special segment for the kids after the message!
  • Mix up your SOAP time. Find the comfiest place in your house and try a new worship music playlist. Set up a group text message with your friends and share what God is speaking to you today.
  • Make time for creativity. When was the last time you made something with your hands that wasn’t part of your job? Break out the craft bin or try a new hobby.
  • Learn something new. Learn how to take better photos, fix something in the house or build a website.
  • Get baking! Try a new recipe or bring out the old favorites. Share with your neighbors within walking distance.

For the kids:

  • Check out this weekend’s special Go Kids Live feature or the early childhood lesson on YouTube!
  • Do SOAP as a family and get creative. You can draw, dance or sing what God is speaking to you. Decorate some old socks and act out today’s SOAP in a puppet show.
  • Gather all the pillows and blankets and build a fort. Don’t forget the snacks and a good movie.
  • Give each person in the house a sheet of paper. After everyone has made their own paper airplane, stand on a line and see whose flies the farthest.
  • Have an indoor picnic. Grab a blanket and a PB&J and blast the beach tunes!
  • If you’re brave enough to venture out into the snow, bring a spray bottle of water with a few drops of food coloring in it. Have a blast painting the snow!

As we dream of warmer days, we pray that you and your family are staying safe and warm. We’ll see you next weekend!

Don’t forget to use #RiverValleySnowDay to share your snow day adventures with us.

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