Practical Ways to Enjoy Your Marriage

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

Do you remember when you first met your spouse?  Did you do fun things together?  Did you go on romantic walks together? Did you sit for endless hours and discuss every topic under the sun together while gazing into each other’s eyes?  Unfortunately, all too often all that fun takes a back seat once a couple gets married. We believe that marriage is meant to be enjoyed, and there are three practical ways that you can start enjoying your marriage:

  1. Daily Connect Time
  2. Weekly Date Night
  3. Yearly Getaway

Daily Connect Time is a great practice to add to your marriage.  Set aside time during your day for 20 to 30 minutes of connection and communication with your spouse without the TV or cell phones.  You may want to start with, “What was your highlight today?” or “What was difficult or challenging about your day today?”  You could also ask your spouse what stood out most to them in their daily devotion time.  Each of these questions will help you connect with one another on a deeper level.

Weekly Date Night communicates to your spouse that your marriage is a priority. Set the date on your calendar each week. You may want to take turns planning your special surprise date night each week.  Date nights do not need to be expensive.  It can be a walk around a lake together or your favorite little coffee shop.  Maybe it’s a comfortable car ride in the country or a hobby that you enjoy doing together.  Whatever you both love to do, do it together!

If you have young children, the cost of babysitters can prevent you from prioritizing a weekly date night.  One idea is to find another couple you’re friends with and take turns babysitting for each other. That way, you get two date nights a month. Its great fun for your kids and great fun for you.

Yearly Getaways can be an excellent way for a couple to replenish their love tank.  Spending extended time dreaming together, perhaps long walks on a beach or discovering new adventures together cannot be underestimated.

We like to recommend even developing a vision for your marriage. Why did God bring you together? What is His purpose and plan for you as a couple, as a family? These are just a couple of questions to get you started.  Each year you can evaluate how you’re doing on God’s vision for your marriage. Structure your budget in such a way that allows you to get away together once a year. A week away is ideal, but if that’s difficult to make happen because you’re parenting young children, plan a getaway for a weekend. Most importantly during your getaway have fun together!

Investing in your marriage through these three key elements will help you produce a strong, healthy and fulfilling marriage that will last a lifetime.

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