Letting God Recalibrate You

What a roller coaster of emotions we are riding these past few weeks. We can no longer rely on our previous methods and practices of managing our homes, careers, finances, or relationships. We find ourselves pivoting, learning new routines, and  finding a rhythm that works. We might even be asking God: what are you doing in all of this? I have to wonder, could this roller coaster actually be a launching pad for something new for our lives?

For a while, my career had me working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. In these highly regulated industries, organizations must calibrate the quality control equipment multiple times per day to verify the accuracy of the product. What I realized working in these industries was that because of constant usage and repetition, the critical measuring tools can wear and shift over time, resulting in a different output than expected, eventually possibly hurting the consumer. When deviation from the expected standard is detected, immediate action is taken to halt production, fix the error or recalibrate to the new circumstances, and communicate with the impacted parties. 

Here’s my point: sometimes God wants to recalibrate us, and COVID-19’s halt on the world could be a way that He’s doing that.

Maybe today you find yourself realizing that something in your life needs a calibration check, to be examined and evaluated. Today’s circumstances do not align with the standard you expect. Your week is no longer predictable; the needs and plans seem to change by the minute. Children are now running around the house all days of the week while you are trying to work from home or manage the family and distance learning, juggling more tasks than ever before. Or you are home alone, unexpectedly without a job and trying to make ends meet. The conditions have changed. Wherever you are on the spectrum of change, stop and ask yourself: is God inviting me to be recalibrated? 

In the book of Revelation, Jesus speaks to John on the Island of Patomas regarding seven different churches. One church I want to draw your attention to is the church in Ephesus.  The Ephesian church was a major church in the Asia Minor, it was the hub of Christianity and a parent church for others, they were known for their grit, sacrifice, and concern for the churches in that region. However, Jesus makes a strong statement, Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” (Revelation 2:4 NKJV) Jesus was pleased with so much of what this church had done and accomplished, but they needed recalibration. Could it be possible that Jesus was a part of what they were doing, but not at the center of it? Or possibly this church was becoming infatuated with the results of serving God rather than falling in love with God’s presence. Jesus asked this church to recalibrate their hearts, to align with His intention for them.

As we ask ourselves questions about this new reality we now live in, Jesus wants the best for all of us. This disruption in our rhythm is an opportunity for a new encounter where He again can breathe fresh life into our souls. While there is so much uncertainty and pain right now, this could be one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus and to align our rhythms with His. 

Here are a few areas where we encourage you to ask God if He wants to recalibrate you:

Your Close Relationships

Whether it’s our families or close friends, God’s vision for those close to us is that we would live with a deep sense of love and care for each other. How can you better care for your spouse, your good friend, your parent or your child during this time? Can you spend more time enjoying their presence and connecting with them?

Your Daily Rhythms

Jesus doesn’t just suggest a set of beliefs or moral ethics for us. His desire is that we would adopt his rhythms. Now more than ever, developing healthy rhythms with God is important. If you aren’t already reading through our SOAP Bible reading plan, we’d encourage you to join us! If you’re already doing that, consider trying out a new regular practice like silence & solitude or journaling.


There is a lot of need in our communities right now, and it’s a great time to practice generosity. Can you help your neighbors in any way or get them a gift card? Who do you know that lost their job or just needs extra help? One great way that you can practice generosity is by helping out with Boxes of Hope over the next few weeks – learn how by clicking here.

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