KNOWN: Wade and Jen from Woodbury Campus

Twice a week during our “KNOWN” sermon series, we will be sharing stories of people who have found community at River Valley Church. This is part 3 of 8.

How did you find River Valley Church?

Isabel Ketterling, Pastor Rob’s mom, told us God wanted us to go to River Valley Church. Seriously. She was right, of course.

Tell us about how you became “Known” at River Valley Church.

We have attended River Valley for 21 years. When we started, it was a small church –  everyone knew everyone. You knew when someone wasn’t at church, and you knew when people had things in their life that they needed prayer for. We were a family and it was easy, because there were only 50-60 people. As River Valley continued to grow, we let it become a big church around us. We lost and missed the small church feel. At one point, we had a bunch of messy, stressful things in our life and we felt alone in the stress. Then, I was talking to a friend of mine, complaining about all that was wrong, and he asked me who was praying for us? I said our church was big now, we didn’t have anyone that could pray for us. He asked why we weren’t in a Lifegroup? That’s when we had an “Aha” moment…. and that’s when we joined our first Lifegroup. The friends we made in that group are still the biggest blessing in our lives today. We have shared so much laughter and tears that we are now family. I can’t imagine doing life without them. I can’t imagine River Valley without Lifegroups. They have made this church our family again.

Why do you think finding community is so valuable?

We had a guest speaker, Paul Scanlon, speak at River Valley a number of years ago. He said that the blessings promised by God are actually the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters in Christ. That’s why we love having friends we can be honest with. When they ask you, “How’s it going?,” you don’t have to say “good” or “fine.” You can actually open up your life to someone else. That’s the great thing about community because we were never meant to do life alone.

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