KNOWN: Molly from Apple Valley Campus

Twice a week during our “KNOWN” sermon series, we will be sharing stories of people who have found community at River Valley Church. This is part 1 of 8.

How did you find River Valley Church?

I ran from church for eight years. After being confirmed in a Catholic church as a teenager, I distanced myself from a relationship with Jesus because I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I lived in four states and two countries searching for meaning in life. Nothing seemed to work until I came back home and experienced in my one-year-old niece the unconditional love of Jesus. All this came at a time when I was finally desperate enough to realize what I was missing. I was water baptized at River Valley Church shortly after that and warmly welcomed by a church community that included my incredibly gracious sister and her husband Davey, who has been a Youth Pastor at River Valley for seven years.

Tell us about how you became “Known” at River Valley Church.

As soon as I was water baptized, I jumped headfirst into the community here. I was so hungry for deep Christian relationships and a place to belong and immediately signed up for Alpha. The Alpha environment allowed me to ask all of the questions I had about my faith and catalyzed what would become a whirlwind first year as a new believer. In my first twelve months at River Valley, I participated in NEXT, Alpha, Freedom, and a 20+ Lifegroup, went on a Global Team to India, co-lead a 20+ Lifegroup of my own, and will be leading a table at Alpha this fall!

What would you say to someone who is wondering whether connecting at River Valley Church is right for them?

Before I accepted Jesus into my life, there was a community of people at River Valley who had been praying for me for eight years. Facilitated by my sister and brother-in-law, these people prayed for my salvation continuously, hoping one day I’d come home and get involved in the community here. When that finally happened, this community welcomed me with the same grace and love that Jesus did, unphased by my messy past and rough edges. So many people avoid joining a church community because they feel like they are too broken or too messy. Take the leap! There is a community of people at River Valley Church, including me, praying for you continuously, hoping you’ll get connected, too!

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