KNOWN: Melvin from Faribault Campus

Twice a week during our “KNOWN” sermon series, we will be sharing stories of people who have found community at River Valley Church. This is part 8 of 8.

Tell us about how you became “Known” at River Valley Church.

One year ago I accepted Jesus into my life, and was water baptized. After that, I attended NEXT and learned about the different ways I could serve. It was recommended that I serve with River Valley YTH and I became a Youth Leader. I’ve been serving as a leader for the past few months and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of incredible people while ministering to students. The people at River Valley welcomed me with open arms. Little by little, I continued to grow with the church thanks to God and the great people that I met here.

What is most valuable to you about the community you’ve found?

The most valuable thing I have found is helping students connect with the Lord. My relationship with the Lord has also strengthened because I have helped the students strengthen their relationship with the Lord. River Valley church has become a big part of my life. I believe it is a perfect place for anyone who wants to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

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