KNOWN: Makiza and Julia from Edina Area Campus

Twice a week during our “KNOWN” sermon series, we will be sharing stories of people who have found community at River Valley Church. This is part 6 of 8.

How did you find River Valley Church?

My husband Makiza first heard about River Valley a year before we started attending. Kyle, a car salesman, who sold Makiza his vehicle in 2013 told him about River Valley and also gave Makiza a River Valley pen. When Makiza and I started dating we talked extensively about finding a Church home, he remembered the recommendation from Kyle and still had the pen he was given a little over a year ago. We researched the Church online and found that the Edina Area campus was close to us and we have been attending ever since.

Tell us about how you became “Known” at River Valley Church.

One of the first people we became connected with was Clinton and Portia Allen (Friends who have definitely become family). They invited us to their GO Series lifegroup. After that Makiza started going to the Men’s lifegroup at the Original Pancake house and met Mark Williams there. Mark then invited us to his lifegroup at his home and he and his wife have become our family as well.

I then joined Sisterhood, we both started volunteering and after a while, we started our own lifegroup. Our first lifegroup was a study on the book “The Bait of Satan.” During this time Makiza joined the security team and became one of the best recruiters. Makiza legitimately talks to and some how manages to recruit EVERYONE.

If someone asked you why they should join a Lifegroup at River Valley, what would you say to them?

Being connected at this church has changed our lives. Our friends have become our family! The Allens, Williams and Bettenga’s have supported us through some of the toughest times in our lives. We would not have survived certain hardships in our lives if we had not been obedient to God’s call for us to become connected in our church. So many knowingly and unknowingly have truly blessed our lives.

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