KNOWN: JD from Minnetrista Campus

Twice a week during our “KNOWN” sermon series, we will be sharing stories of people who have found community at River Valley Church. This is part 7 of 8.

How did you find River Valley Church?

When I was in college, I was on several worship teams, and I played with Mitch Johnson all the time. He grew up at River Valley, and talked about the church often. I was looking for a church for myself, and asked if I could tag along one weekend. I loved the culture of worship, and the messages were incredible. I started playing on the weekend about a month later, and have been a part of the church ever since.

Tell us about how you became “Known” at River Valley Church.

When I first started attending River Valley, I was playing at 3 other churches, so it took a few months before I was able to phase out of those spaces and get plugged in at River Valley. I got asked to play at more and more events, and was able to meet people through those and creative team nights. I’ve tried to be intentional with developing relationships with other people who serve on the worship teams, as well as with the people at my home campus of Minnetrista. A huge piece of worship leading is developing “relational equity” with the congregation and being more than just a face on a stage, but a friend and a leader. Being relational is a key component of leading people into worship, and River Valley is a great place to build relationships.

How has being “Known” affected your faith journey?

As I’ve been at River Valley, I’ve met all kinds of people. I have been blessed with opportunities to serve at events, lead teams, and share the platform with some incredibly talented individuals. I do not take it lightly that I have such direct access to visionary leaders like Ryan Williams and Wes Schrock, and I value those relationships highly as they have been influential in my growth as a worship leader, but also as a Christ-follower. Through the people I have met at River Valley, I’ve been poured into, stretched and developed, as well as having the opportunity to pour into and develop others. I am grateful for those who have invested and believed in me, and pray that I continue to grow each and every day.

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