Foster Care Month – Kendra Hobbs

May is National Foster Care Month. Throughout the month, we will be featuring stories of individuals and families at River Valley Church involved in the foster care system.

I’m three days into being a foster mom and have never said these two statements more in my life: “I don’t know what I’m doing” and “I was made to be a mom.”

I never dreamt of being a foster mom. I never grew up with foster siblings. I never had any desire. But when God calls you to something you begin to fall in love with it. You have moments where God marks you for something greater and there’s no denying it! I want to live my life in a “Yes, Lord” response. Sometimes God’s plan doesn’t align with our expectations, and we have to be ready to respond to Him even when it wasn’t a part of our plan.

It’s not always easy but definitely worth it. Remembering His faithfulness gives me the ability to say yes to the scary, uncharted things.  It’s still a shaky yes but a yes nonetheless. I’m 29 and single. I don’t know many people signing up for foster care let alone doing it single. Don’t get me wrong, I asked many questions of the Lord through this process. How will I afford this? Where will I live? Will I be overlooked being a package deal? Will my family understand and support me? Who will be my emotional, physical and spiritual support?

I wanted to understand the weight, sacrifice and beauty of this decision. But the beauty of the Church is we’re in this together. Side by side, we choose to push past the facts and stand in faith. As I look into these precious eyes, slowly but surely I see the fear and hesitation dissolve into the love of Christ poured out. Maybe foster care isn’t your next “yes,” but there is always something ahead He is calling you to. We can be unlikely people in unlikely places doing unlikely things for His glory.

Why? Because our world needs Jesus. Step out. It’s worth it!

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