Foster Care Month – Jeff & Heidi Seymour

May is National Foster Care Month. Throughout the month, we will be featuring stories of individuals and families at River Valley Church involved in the foster care system.

We have been licensed for foster care for about 4 months now. Our intention is that we would ultimately adopt, and fostering is part of that process. We are working with Kindred Family Focus and they mainly deal with kids in the foster care system. As our social worker, they help us through each step. They receive info from and reach out to the state and county social workers that are looking to place kids.

It’s been of a “hurry up and wait” kind of thing. There are so many kids out there that need a good home and it’s a matter of finding the right match. We’ve been saying “yes” to getting more information on kids for about 3 months and we recently had our first match meeting with some social workers for a 10 year old. It’s interesting what comes out in that meeting. There are a lot of thoughts and doubts that you deal with, thinking “can we really handle this?” You wonder if this is what God really has for you.

After a lot of prayer, we decided that this 10 year old was not the right match for us. It was hard, but it helped that we are a part of a Lifegroup that’s focused on adoption. It is encouraging to be a part of a community of people that are dealing with the same doubts and same thoughts that we are.

A lot of emotions came up during licensing and we are now in the vetting process. We have so many questions for God about whether or not we are on the right path but there is peace knowing that God is calling us forward. The beauty of it is that we’re not alone in this. God has blessed us with a church family that prays for us, encourages us, and inspires us to go after what God has for us.

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