Foster Care Month – Anne & Tony Jones

May is National Foster Care Month. Throughout the month, we will be featuring stories of individuals and families at River Valley Church involved in the foster care system.

My Husband Tony and I live in Chaska and have been attending the Crosstown Campus for over 2 years. We have had 10-12 child placements over the past 7 years. We have adopted one child, and are currently an active foster family for Carver County. We were a family of 5 kids already when we started on this journey. I’m a pediatric nurse and Tony works in business.

Some friends introduced us to caring for children in need through a ministry called “Safe Families.” We knew right away that this was something we wanted to do and we jumped right in and started taking placements. With our hearts exposed, the more placements we had and the more our other children, family and friends embraced this journey, the more this felt blessed and confirmed in our obedience.

One of our placements became a long-term relationship and when their biological mother was no longer able to care for her children, they entered the county foster care system and that started our journey into licensed foster care as well as eventually adopting our youngest daughter.

The process of Fostering brings a consistent stream of difficult situations, challenges, emotions, obstacles, joys, fears, and fun moments. But in all of that we are constantly reminded that Jesus equips is to do this. We need to surrender and pray because we are in control of none of it, and despite any of the circumstances, He fills our hearts and home with a sense joy and peace.

We’re learning to lean on Jesus and trust Him every step of the way.

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