Finding a Home at Church

There are lots of different churches because there’s lots of different people. People are finding churches where they can feel comfortable and at home…but with so many options, I’ve sometimes found myself bouncing from church to church, always searching for the “perfect” fit.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect church—because the church is made up of people like you me, and I know I’m nowhere near perfect.

So how do you find a church that’s home? A community that’s just for you? That decision requires a lot of prayer to start, but there are also a few questions you can ask as you search for a church to call home:

1. Am I Experiencing the Presence of God?

This definitely looks different for different people, but ultimately, is this a church where you experience the love and power of God? This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the wrong church if the worship set doesn’t blow your mind every week, but it does mean you should search for a church that is passionate about encountering God in worship, prayer, giving, and teaching.

2. Are There Opportunities to Serve and Use My Gifts?

God calls us to serve Him with the special gifts and talents He has given us. Finding a place where your spiritual gifts are discovered, celebrated, and valued in the operation of the church means that you truly become a part of the community as an invested partner in the work God is doing through His people.

3. Does This Church Value Community?

We all desire authentic connections with others, and church is no exception. So what does an authentic connection look like? I’ve found that most of the time, I share similar interests and passions with my closest connections. In other words, there’s a common vision or dream that brings us together, so take a step of faith and explore the heartbeat of a church. What do their people talk about or get excited about? If you get excited about similar things, jump in, make friends, and take advantage of small group opportunities.

At River Valley, we’ve created an environment called NEXT to help you navigate the ins and outs of our church. NEXT is a place for you to both begin and belong at River Valley. You can hear our story, discover your spiritual gifts, and take a next step into all God has for you. To find out times and locations for NEXT, visit our Next Steps page.

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