SERVE Day is a national campaign bringing together hundreds of churches from across the nation (and world) to serve on the same day. This is an opportunity for the Church to not only tell people in our communities about the love of Jesus, but to show them His love through acts of service and partnerships with local ministries, churches, and organizations.

This year, we’ve provided extra opportunities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas that have been affected by recent events.


There is a project for everyone no matter your age, skill level, or schedule. Morning serving opportunities are available at every campus. Additionally, City Campus has serving shifts in the late afternoon and evening.

Due to the demand in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul areas affected by this season of unrest and uncertainty, we've made significant volunteer commitments to partner organizations in these areas and encourage you to look at the opportunities with City Campus in addition to the projects at your campus. These local organizations and ministries need our help and are relying on our committed volunteers to show up to make these events a success.

You're more than welcome to volunteer for multiple shifts!

Other ways to serve

We want to be sure that everyone who wants to serve has the option to do so. If you are unable or prefer not to join an in-person group with your campus, choose one of the ideas at the link below (or make up your own) to serve with your family or Lifegroup from home or in your neighborhood.

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