Alpha is a Core Group that unpacks what River Valley believes. It answers questions like: Who is Jesus? How do I read the Bible? Does God heal today? The format is simple. We share a meal around a table, listen to a talk on the week’s topic, and then have discussion together to learn more.

*Alpha Lifegroups will open for registration Wednesday, August 14th.


Have you ever wondered who the Holy Spirit is? Or what he does? Or why he is important to your faith? We believe the full power of the Holy Spirit is necessary to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives. What could happen when you invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and lead your life in a new way? Join us for a half-day event with practical teaching and an invitation to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This is an all-church event hosted at three River Valley campuses.

*Holy Spirit Retreat Registration will be available soon.


Freedom is a Core Group that equips you to live a victorious faith. Sometimes, we are simply unaware of lies we believe and wrong patterns of thinking that keep us stuck. In this group, you will discover how to move forward to greater freedom in your life, faith, and future by taking a deeper look at your identity in Christ.

*Freedom Lifegroups will open for registration Wednesday, August 14th.



Freedom Encounter is a power-packed event designed to help you hear God in a new, life-changing way. Through worship, teaching, and intentional reflection, you will learn practical next steps to overcome your past and walk in the victorious life God designed for you to live. This event is open to everyone and serves as the capstone to our Freedom Core Group.

*Freedom Encounter registration will be available soon.


Explore is a Core Group designed to inspire and enlarge your global heart as we study the biblical basis of missions and hear from some of our great missionaries. At River Valley, our heart is global because God’s heart is global. That’s why we believe that every follower of Jesus Christ should explore and know their role within God’s Great Commission.

*Explore Lifegroups will open for registration Wednesday, August 14th.